Cover Reveal of “HER” by Danielle Rose


Kemper Academy is over a hundred years old, but it has only recently reopened after a series of murders and stories of hauntings shut it down.
Avlynn, a new student, refuses to let the rumors scare her, chalking them up to a bit of friendly freshman hazing.
But when night falls and screams draw her from her room, she finds the truth is much more horrifying than any ghost story.



AUTHOR: Danielle Rose
GENRE: Horror
PAGES: Short Story (approximately 2.600 words)
PUBLISHER: Oftomes Publishing
RELEASE DATE: 19th September
PRE-ORDER FOR $0.99: Amazon

I love how Oftomes Publishing is republishing books and upgrating the covers.
All the book that I’ve read from them were amazing and the designs were really well done.
It’s definetly one of my favorite publinshings and I can’t wait to read Danielle’s new short story around Halloween time.

Do you like of ghost stories? It’s one of my favorites!

2 comentários sobre “Cover Reveal of “HER” by Danielle Rose

    • Oi, Bia!! Estou tão feliz por estar de volta. Senti muita falta de escrever aqui no blog e poder conversar com o pessoal. Novamente, muito obrigada pela ajuda e conselhos em relação ao blog.
      Fico muito feliz em saber que meus posts em inglês podem te ajudar um pouco. Muito obrigada pelo carinho ❤

      Curtido por 1 pessoa

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